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Girls Are Topping the Charts of Alpari’s Trader Contests

Dear Clients,

Julia Kuryenkova

A wonderful trend is beginning to form in our trader contests: girls are increasingly becoming prize winners. With beauty and intellect, they are dismantling with consummate ease the stereotype that trading on financial markets is for men. Today we would like to tell you a little about Julia Kuryenkova, who came 4th in the 134th round of our Formula FX contest. Julia achieved 460% return for the week and in doing so won 7,000 RUR. Does she take easy to trading Forex? We found out in an interview with her.

Julia, how did you find out about the Forex market? Did you have any doubts before making your first trade?

-I found out about Forex in 2008 after an advert in a newspaper caught my attention. I never had any doubts; I found it very interesting to study the technical analyses. Back then it seemed easy, but then I realized how wrong I was.

-How long did it take you to get to grips with the intricacies of trading? Can you still remember what it was like to make your first bit of profit?

-I went on a 2 week course with a broker on a demo account and made a 3,800 USD profit in a week with a 10,000 USD initial deposit. I was happy with the result but even two years later I wasn’t ready for the real thing. Later on I started trading small amounts, experiencing the intricacies for myself and selecting the best instruments for my trading.

-What else do you do other than trading Forex?

-I’m educated as a financier and now work as an accountant.

-In recent trader contests, the girls are increasingly jostling for top spot against the boys. Do you think trading can be an interesting profession for women?

-I think that it doesn’t make sense to separate genders in trading since both women and men equally have the necessary qualities for successful trading.

-What, in your opinion, makes trading in a contest different to normal trading?

-Trading in a contest takes on a different emotional context which has a negative effect on trades.

-Tell us a couple of your strategies: on what basis do choose your instruments? Perhaps you have some sort of know-how that allows you to make informed trades?

-My know-how is calm and cold calculation. As I see it, traders need to be able to exert control over their emotions. I use mostly technical analyses for trading, relying on support levels and barriers, the Fibonacci level, using both the Puria method and also the oscillator to follow the divergence.

-What would you be your advice to future competitors?

-I would advise competitors not so much to chase the market but rather to look at results. This way you won’t find yourself waiting.

Julia’s experience shows that success in trading isn’t only achieved by men.

Dare to be brave and take part in our contests for the chance to win cash prizes.

Best Regards,

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