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Team Alpari conquers the Seven Summits!

29 Dec 201712:23

Dear Clients,

Team Alpari Celebrates atop Antarctica’s Vinson Massif

On 11th December, 2012 (coincidentally, International Mountain Day), Alpari’s Russian climbing trio reached the summit of Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in Antarctica, capping off their year-long mountain-climbing marathon, "Alpari: On Top of the World".

Team Alpari – made up of Lyudmila Korobeshko, Ivan Dusharin and Maxim Shakirov – battled frigid Antarctic winds for two long weeks, barely managing to get in a shot at the summit before a brutal snowstorm began. Our team was actually the last team at camp that had the chance attempt the summit. Said Ivan Dusharin about the expedition: "The journey was an entirely new experience for us, but it was difficult too – technically, physically and emotionally – in large part due to the cold."

The Vinson expedition was Lyudmila Korobeshko’s second trip to Antarctica this year. In January she took part in a ski expedition to the South Pole. About her experience on Vinson, Lyudmila said, "I was the only one from the team that had already been to the summit of Vinson, so I had a pretty good idea of the difficulty and the danger that were in store for us. The toughest parts had to be going two weeks without a shower and dragging sleds filled with our own waste. Well, that and the cold, of course. Everything else was fun."

The whole world was keeping track of Alpari’s ascension to the very top. Each peak reached was widely covered by journalists and relevant publications. For example, the National Geographic magazine covered the team’s exploits.

The results of the project are impressive. No other team from the country has managed to reach the top of the highest peaks of each continent (Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest, Elbrus, Kosciuszko, Vinson and McKinley). Alpari now holds a number of new records, having completed the Seven Summits in only 300 days. Captain, Lyudmila Korobeshko, is the new holder of the women’s Seven Summits speed record, meaning she climbed the highest mountain on each of the planet’s seven continents faster than any woman in history. This year, she also became the first woman from Russia to climb Everest twice. Ivan Dusharin also set the Russian Seven Summits "age" record, having turned 65 this autumn. In addition to the remarkable individual achievements of Lyudmila and Ivan, our trio also set the Russian Seven Summits team speed record.

With this record, team Alpari once again proves its readiness to reach the very heights, whether in the mountains or business.

Best regards,

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