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Alpari Trading Volume Reaches Record High in January

14 Feb 201310:43

Dear Clients,

During the month of January, Alpari clients from Russia and the CIS traded a total of 110 billion US dollars – a record high at our company.

Alpari currently services more than 780 thousand accounts belonging to clients in Russia and the CIS – and this number only continues to rise. Just to remind you, clients from this region traded in excess of 1 trillion US dollars over the course of 2012.

The new record is due to a number of factors: a well-thought-out marketing strategy, the introduction of new technological solutions (which, in turn, was made possible by our recent partnership with leading interbank liquidity provider Integral Development Corp.) and a favorable situation in the market.

Alpari is always working on improving its trading conditions and introducing new products and services to deliver a better trading experience to each and every client. Set your own personal records with us!

Best Regards,

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