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Alpari Takes Part in Ekaterinburg Round Table Discussion

23 May 201311:23

Dear Clients,

On May 21, 2013, Alpari took part in a round table discussion held by the Kommersant Ural Publishing House in Ekaterinburg, Russia: "Personal Finance: What’s Worth Investing in in 2013? Savings Accounts, Mutual Funds, Gold, Precious Metals, Real Estate". Over the course of the discussion, light was shed on a number of topics involving personal finance and investments.

The round table brought together investment experts, bank managers and directors of financial and construction companies. Representing Alpari at the event was Vladimir Chamin, director of Alpari’s official partner in Ekaterinburg. Vladimir’s commentary drew a great deal of interest from those in attendance – he spoke about how to develop an optimal investment strategy and about some of the popular investment products offered at Alpari.

Some of the financial experts from the Ural Federal District took some time to commend Alpari for the efforts it has made to improve financial literacy in the region.

Best Regards,

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