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Alpari Tops the Russian Forex Broker Ratings Again

14 Sep 201519:06

Dear Clients,

Interfax-CEA (Center of Economic Analysis) have released the latest update of their long established in-depth study on the Russian Forex industry.

Their independent analysis confirms Alpari’s leading position on the Russian market for the third year running. The study found that in 2013 the average monthly trading volume of the company was 133.6 bln USD (a 57% increase on 2012), with the number of active clients reaching 117,400 (an increase over the year of 25%). This, according to the experts, means that Alpari accounts for more than 30% of the average monthly turnover of the Forex market in Russia and more than 29% of the active Russian customer base.

The study provides an objective picture of an industry, to which attention from regulators, the media, businesses and individuals has been growing steadily over a long period of time.

Although wide reaching and systematic work by public authorities, experts and market participants has been underway for some time, the sector is still far from international levels of transparency.

"It is good to see that Alpari has topped the list for three consecutive years. On our part, we welcome the emergence in Russia of regular studies of this kind, which can only enhance the transparency of the market. This fits with our policy of openness. As you know, in 2012, Alpari was the first company in the industry to reveal our operating figures. In the past year the company has undertaken some major work and has repeatedly improved our trading environment, increased the speed that orders are executed, reduced commission and greatly expanded our range of financial products and services. All of this has allowed the company to overturn our previous financial records on several occasions in 2013", said Boris Shilov, Chief Executive Officer of Alpari.

Best Regards,

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