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Alpari’s Aleksandr Sabodin Named Chairman of the Financial Market Development Association of Belarus

20 Feb 201315:22

Dear Clients,

At the Press Conference

On February 15, 2013, a press conference was held in Minsk (Belarus) to announce the creation of ARFIN (the Financial Market Development Association of Belarus), an initiative which has the support of the Belorussian government. The event was attended by professionals from the Belorussian Forex industry as well as Dmitry Nabzdorov, head of the Non-bank Operations Regulation Department of the National Bank of Belarus.

Another big announcement at the press conference was that Alpari’s very-own Aleksandr Sabodin was elected to the post of ARFIN chairman. Sabodin, who runs Alpari’s local office in Minsk, will serve a year-long term as chairman.

Aleksandr Sabodin Speaks

"ARFIN's main goal is to work with the National Bank to develop effective regulatory measures for the Belorussian financial markets. Members of the association are looking to work out a set of management standards for the industry as well as norms to protect the interests of private investors. I think it says a lot symbolically that a representative of Alpari, an industry leader in Forex both nationally and internationally, was chosen to run the organization in its first and most challenging year," commented Valeriy Tarasov, director of corporate communications at Alpari.

Best Regards,

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