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Interview: Top Portfolio Manager Q3 winner

Dear clients,

We’re pleased to announce the results of our Top Portfolio Manager contest for investors. Every quarter, investors compete to assemble and manage the best investment portfolio.

The prize fund of 1,800 USD is shared among the top 3 participants. We offer all the prize-winners our congratulations, and we conducted a brief interview with the overall winner, who shared some of the secrets of his success:

1st place: Nikita Andreevich, prize: 1,000 USD.

Portfolio: Nice Dream EXTREME

Nikita Andreevich

Hello Nikita. This is the second round in a row that you’ve won now. What’s your secret?

My secret to successfully managing investments is having a great deal of investment experience.

What was your plan for this round?

When investing, I only have one plan; to earn while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.

How much did your strategy in this round differ from your usual investment strategy?

I didn’t change the composition of my portfolio during the contest round, and my success was down to a stable choice of managers. So my strategy during this round didn’t differ at all from my investment strategy in general.

How did funds from other investors affect your final results in the contest?

I didn’t receive any investor funds on my portfolio during the contest round, so no influence whatsoever.

Have you already started working on the final round of the year?

I decided to take part in the contest to test and improve my investment skills, as well as to compete with other investors. I’ve won two rounds in a row now. I hope to achieve similar results in the future, and with this in mind, I’ve already started working on the final round of the year.

Are you planning to continue working on your portfolio and to accept new investments next year?

I plan to continue working on my portfolio and accept new investments both this year and next. I’m also planning to create a few more portfolios; some with higher yields, and others with lower risks.

Speaking from experience, what advice could you give to current and potential participants in this contest? We believe that healthy competition among managers provides for an interesting contest.

I can only wish current and potential participants to be successful and make steady profits. I’d also be happy to invest some of my funds into other portfolios in order to diversify my investments with Alpari.

Lev Anatolevich

2nd place: Lev Anatolevich, prize: 500 USD.

Portfolio: KOREA INVEST 2018

3rd place: Evgeny Valerievich, prize: 300 USD.

Portfolio: GrowUp

Evgeny Valerievich

Those of you ready to prove your skills and battle it out for the top prize of 1,000 USD can take part in the next round. Find out more information about this contest here.

Congratulations to all the prize-winners and good luck to everyone in the next round!

Best regards,

Tried and tested
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