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More analytical reviews now available from Alpari

24 Sep 201818:19

Dear clients,

Cesar Valencia (Chile) and Renan Raminelli (Brazil), part of the team of analysts at Alpari Research & Analysis Limited; one of the companies under the international Alpari brand, will now have their analytical reviews published on our website, giving you even more information to help you with your trading.

Cesar Valencia has been working in finance for more than 8 years. Before joining Alpari, he worked as a money management and investment solution consultant, working on the basis of both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as holding seminars on these subjects.

Renan Raminelli has also been in finance for more than 8 years. His professional interests include exchange trading and the Forex market. In his work as an analyst, Renan gives particular focus to fundamental analysis and trading psychology.

Alpari Research & Analysis Limited provides analytical material on financial markets to an international audience. Our expert reviews appear in major financial publications across the world. The most up-to-date information can be found in the “Forex analysis” section of Alpari’s website in 13 different languages, including Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese among others. Today, the Alpari brand has more than 2 million clients from 150 countries.

Best regards,

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