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Interview: King of the Hill winner

Александр Гавриленко

Dear clients,

We’re pleased to present the winner of the latest round of Alpari’s King of the Hill contest: Alexander Gavrilenko. We asked him to tell us a little bit about himself and share some of the secrets behind his success.

You won this contest by risking a substantial amount of money (your average trade was worth 238.41 USD). Tell us about your strategy. How did you manage such a good result while taking such big risks?

I started the contest off with the equivalent of 80 USD, and I risked the entire deposit on my first three trades, which gave me a high rate of return and the second highest average trade.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard from a financial expert? What about the stupidest?

I’ve been on the market for quite a while; since 2006. At first, I got information from various sources, studied literature, and so on. Of course, this gave me some basic knowledge, but these days I base all my decisions on my personal feelings about the market. I listen to experts to get a general idea of the state of the currency market, mostly Andrey Vernikov. The stupidest piece of advice I’ve heard was to buy the ruble when it was trading at 80 RUB to the US dollar.

What do you find attractive about trading?

There are a few things. Doing something that you understand well, making some extra income, and improving your self-esteem.

What’s the best result you’ve had from trading?

A 4,500% profit on an initial deposit of 150 USD.

What’s important to keep in mind on the Forex market in order to be successful?

In my personal opinion, mental strength is important. Another thing is that the possibility of winning is just as big as that of losing, especially if you trade without stop orders.

If you could invite any historical figure to dinner, who would it be, and why?

Evgeny Primarkov, a former Soviet and Russian politician and diplomat who served as Russia's Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and chief of the intelligence service, and as Speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. He had encyclopaedic knowledge, a wealth of experience, and he did a lot for his country during the difficult 90s.

What are you favourite trading instruments and why?

Mostly the EURJPY, GBPJPY, and EURGBP pairs because I keep track of their movements in relation to the US dollar.

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Best regards,

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