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Interview: Trader Wars round 6 winner

Dear clients,

With the 6th round of Trader Wars having come to an end, we conducted a short interview with the overall winner, who managed to beat all the competition to claim the top spot. The trader wishes to remain anonymous.

Congratulations on your win! Could you share some of your thoughts on the new contest? How, in your opinion, does it differ from others?

It’s a wonderful contest. I wish there were more like it. It has a reasonably good ratio of risk to potential profit and prizes. You can win it without taking too many risks, as opposed to Formula FX, for example, where you sort of have to risk your whole deposit. Fortunately, this competition involves more measured trading; where patience is key. The idea of splitting traders into factions (bulls and bears) hasn’t been taken all the way to its logical conclusion. It would make more sense if only bears could open short positions, and bulls long positions. If that were the case, the division would mean something in practice rather than simply being cosmetic. On the whole, though, I really enjoyed the contest.

Trader Wars round 6 winner

Tell us the secret to your success. How did you manage to win such a gruelling competition?

Aside from beginner’s luck, I can’t think of an explanation. There was one particularly difficult battle; the semi-final, where I had to risk everything to beat my opponent, who had a return of more than 200%.

The final stage of the contest was very tense. How did you manage to keep your nerves?

Well, actually, the semi-final was the most intense part for me, although, of course, the final is always difficult. There’s no way around feeling nervous, unfortunately.

Are there times when you’ve had enough of Forex? What brings you back to it?

Of course, sometimes. Like with everything, there are peaks and troughs. You can earn millions in the space of a few months only to lose it all a day later. I don’t earn enough to make a living out of Forex. I’m more in it for the adrenaline rush.

What qualities do you think a good trader should have?

Traders should be stingy, prudent, cold-blooded, and, of course, good at maths.

If you found Aladdin’s lamp, what 3 things would you wish for?

Firstly, I’d wish that my family and loved ones never got ill and never died. My second wish would be for the genie to grant 3 wishes to each of those people. My third wish would be for none of their wishes to contradict my first wish.

Do you think that yours is an example to be followed? Why? Are there any famous traders that inspire you?

No, not at all. I’m not successful enough. The trader that inspires me the most is Nick Leeson, who lost 1.3bn USD of someone else’s money.

If Hollywood decided to make a film about you, who would you choose to play yourself?

That’s never going to happen, of course. But since we’re dreaming, I’d say Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Best regards,

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