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Top Portfolio Manager, Q1 results

Dear clients,

We’re pleased to announce the results of the latest round of our Top Portfolio Manager contest. Contest rounds are held every quarter, in which investors compete to assemble and manage the best investment portfolio.

A prize fund of 1,800 USD is shared among the top 3 participants. We offer our congratulations to all the prize-winners and we’d like to share a short interview that we held with the overall winner of the round, who revealed some of the secrets to his success.

1st place – Leonid Stanislavovich, — 1,000 USD prize.

Portfolio Nontoxic1

Leonid Stanislavovich

Hello Leonid! Tell us a little bit about yourself, how long have you been investing?
I started investing around 5 years ago at a time when I started to think about preserving and multiplying my savings. My first experience in this regard didn’t go very well. In 2013, I invested in the now infamous MMCIS Index Top 20. After the pyramid collapsed, I started looking more closely at different Forex brokers, which helped me to avoid some other well-known “pseudo-brokers” who had also managed to attract and scam a large number of investors.

How did you hear about Alpari and why did you decide to take part in the contest?
After my mishap with MMCIS, I understood that I needed to address some of the risks that aren’t directly related to trading. What I mean is that to start with, you need to find a real, authoritative (not only according to investors, but also to experienced traders) Forex broker with a long history of working on the market, who earns on spreads and oversees a large quantity of investor funds. I registered with myAlpari in November, 2015. It was around this time that I started learning how to make analyses in trading. I decided to take part in this contest out of curiosity, because you never know what could happen.

What were the main criteria for you in selecting PAMM accounts for your portfolio?
I selected accounts for my portfolio based on the following parameters:

  • Trading conducted by robots (algorithmic trading).
  • No use of toxic money management methods (Martingale, nets, overstaying losses).
  • Trading must be conducted with the use of stop levels.
  • The trading system in place has to make sense to me and should be able to turn a profit under virtually any market conditions (by my own estimation).
  • Account managers should have at least two years of trading experience (not necessarily on PAMM accounts).
  • Accounts must be run by a manager that is easy to communicate with and who has invested a significant amount of their own funds into the account while reinvesting the returns.

Have you changed the composition of your portfolio at all or is your success down to a solid choice of managers?
Over the course of the first quarter of 2018 (the period during which Nontoxic1 performed the best), I didn’t change the composition of my portfolio at all. I make adjustments to my portfolio based on the number of profitable/unprofitable trades as well as on the level of drawdown across the accounts (for refined trading systems).

Did you get any new investors during the contest round? Did this have any effect on your work?
One investor came and went in March. I guess they didn’t realise that mine was a winning portfolio. I think that most investors look at the ratings and make a decision on where to invest their funds based on that. Nontoxic1 has only just made it into the top 30, so let’s wait and see what the future holds.

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to continue working on your portfolio and to attract investors?
I started off investing only in PAMM accounts and I think that I did quite well in terms of returns. Later, I created a public portfolio so that others could learn from my experience and make profits of their own. I keep noticing people investing in accounts whose demise, in my view, is only a matter of time. Because of this, I most certainly plan to continue working on my portfolio and to attract investors.

Do you plan to create another portfolio with higher returns, or perhaps with lower risks?
It hasn’t even been a full year yet since my portfolio has been producing results that I consider to be satisfactory. As such, I think it’s still too early to talk about creating a slightly more conservative or aggressive portfolio on the basis of this one.

What advice would you give to novice investors?
What I would say to any investor (not only beginners), is to focus less on the overall trajectory of your profits and more on what exactly is producing these profits. You can look at a chart on which your profits steadily climb upwards, but that doesn’t make you immune to fatal losses in the future. I’d also advise people to have a fixed plan of action for certain situations (for example, to remove accounts in the event that the declaration is violated), to not withdraw your funds every time you enter a downturn, and to invest for a minimum of 6 months. Also, invest in the US dollar.

2nd place: Sergey Vladimirovich — 500 USD prize.

Portfolio Nobody0

Sergey Vladimirovich







3rd place: Yuri Alekseyevich — 300 USD prize.

Portfolio WIN-WIN

Yuri Alekseyevich

Those of you who are ready to show off your skills and compete for the top prize of 1,000 USD can take part in the next round. You can find more information about the contest here.

We offer all the prize-winners our sincerest congratulations and wish all participants the best of luck in the next round!

Best regards,

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