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Alpari’s trading turnover grew by 45% in the first quarter of 2018

16 Apr 201817:50

Dear clients,

The international financial Alpari brand’s trading turnover in the first quarter of 2018 surpassed 429bn USD, marking a 45% improvement on the same period in 2017. This improvement is mostly the result of an influx of new clients as well as increased trading activity from Alpari’s existing clients across the world.

Our significant influx of clients over this period has come mostly from the Asia-Pacific region, where we welcomed roughly twice as many clients compared to the same period last year, seeing also an increase in client assets by a factor of 3.2, while trading turnover was 3.5 times higher. Meanwhile, across the other markets in which Alpari operates, we’ve seen client numbers grow by 22%, while client assets have risen by 29%.

“This impressive result is a consequence of the Alpari brand’s new expansion strategy, which was undertaken in 2015 with the aim of developing our business in certain strategically important macroeconomic regions such as Asia. In the Autumn of 2016, the company opened its international headquarters in Mauritius, helping us to take a more centralised approach in our work across our global network of offices and representatives as well as to bolster our presence in the Asia-Pacific region. As of now, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve chosen the right strategy, especially now that it’s started to bear fruit”. – Andrey Dashin, owner of the international financial Alpari brand.

Alpari’s trading turnover over the course of 2017 exceeded 1.3 trillion USD, which was a 29% improvement on 2016. Last year, the company successfully launched a new line of products, while continuing to develop its technological and investment services, as well as its mobile applications. Today, Alpari provides its services to more than 1.3 million clients across 150 countries, with more than 80 offices across the globe. Moreover, Alpari dominates the markets of many of the countries in which it operates both in terms of client numbers and their trading volume.

Best regards,

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