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Interview: Full Throttle round 87 winner

Full Throttle

Dear clients,

The 87th round of our Full Throttle competition was won by a trader under the pseudonym “N”, who had a final result nearly three times better than that of their closest competitor. N refused to share their name with us, but did agree to answer a few questions, providing a nice opportunity for the remaining participants to get to know their strongest competitor a little better.

How much of your time do you allocate for trading? Do you treat it as a profession or a hobby?

For me, it’s a hobby. At the moment, I’m just taking part in the competitions and I try not to spend more than 10 hours a week on them.

Do you think you could make a living from trading?

No, I don’t think so. It’s not really my thing.

Do you have any useful habits that help with your trading?

I’ve got nerves of steel. That helps the most.

Can you recommend any books or articles that helped you to better understand the market?

I read about Japanese candlesticks and Elliot waves a while back. After that, I got into statistics, so on the whole, I’ve got a pretty good economic and mathematical background.

One of our experts, Vladislav Anotnov, sometime mentions astro-trading in his analyses. Do you employ any kind of unorthodox trading methods when you work on currency markets?

I’m not sure I even have a method at all. Once I find some time, I’m planning to try and create some trading robots, but I haven’t got around to it yet.

Best regards,

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