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Alpari has updated the configuration of its ECN

26 May 201719:52

Dear clients,

Alpari has updated the configuration of the ECN used on its trading accounts. The introduction of new technological solutions together with an upgraded server infrastructure for dealing and the new additions to its pool of liquidity providers has allowed Alpari to make the following improvements to its ECN accounts:

  • Order execution time has been more than halved to 48ms;
  • Spreads have been significantly reduced and the average spread on the EUR/USD pair is now 0.5;
  • The number of available trading instruments has been increased from 59 to 73.

Moreover, all 7 options in the order execution settings are now available to Alpari clients trading not only on pro.ecn.mt4 accounts, but also on ecn.mt4 accounts. These improvements have a substantial influence on the potential efficiency of a trading strategy and can significantly increase the profitability of transactions made on the foreign exchange market. As of today, traders can:

  • carry out market and Stop Orders as Limit Orders, with slippage limited to a certain number of pips (set by the client);
  • cancel pending orders in the event of a price gap;
  • carry out market execution of Limit Orders;
  • record the size of the slippage in the order's comments section in the MetaTrader 4 terminal;
  • cancel Stop Orders in the event of a discrepancy between the order price and the activation price by a certain amount of pips (set by the client);
  • partially execute Limit Orders;
  • execute Stop Orders for asymmetrical price slippage.

These settings were previously only available for the pro.ecn.mt4 account type, developed and supported by Alpari in collaboration with AMTS Solutions. The new ECN composition is characterised by improved stability, high-speed execution of client requests, precision in said execution and an expanded range of providers. In the course of the modernisation process, Alpari has completely transitioned to using its own technologies, taking on board the positive experience of its collaboration with partners.

Alexander Novodvorskiy, Alpari's Operations Director, noted that "Alpari has always given special attention to innovative solutions that can have a marked effect on the quality of trading. We highly value our time of cooperation with AMTS Solutions, which allowed our clients to try out new functionalities and allowed Alpari to reapply successful solutions to the company's other products. The latest improvements will allow Alpari to continue offering its clients competitive trading conditions as well as technologies for successful trading".

Best regards,

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