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New highly profitable investment ideas

26 Apr 201720:21

Investment ideas

Dear clients,

We would like to bring a couple of new ideas for investment to your attention. You can be sure of a high return if you invest in the growing sectors of online booking and payment for tourist trips, as well as in a rapidly growing leader in the payment industry.

Discover Financial Services (DFS) — specialises in issuing credit and debit cards (its own Discover Card), electronic payments (it runs the Discover, PULSE and Diners Club International payment systems), consumer loans, savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Discover is set to expand its line of services thanks to the start of cooperation with the world-renowned PayPal payment system and is currently implementing a strategy focused on student and mortgage loans that may receive a boost for growth depending on the success of Donald Trump's programs. These two factors, along with many others, are expected to facilitate the growth of Discover's share price.

TripAdvisor (TRIP) — is one of the world's largest travel website companies (it runs the websites of over 20 travel media brands). The sites work across 49 different markets around the world. The business' profitability is set to rise thanks to the introduction of a new one-click booking service and the development of mobile technology. TripAdvisor's proactive advertising strategy is facilitating a growth in revenue.

Don't pass up this excellent opportunity to invest your money efficiently with the help of our structured products!

Best regards,

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