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New investment ideas with high potential returns

15 Aug 201817:56

Dear clients,

Learn how to earn more from promising new prospects: the launching of Donald Trump's large-scale investment programs, active international expansion of global retail networks and pharmaceutical companies, and growth in the profitability of specially selected automakers. Specialists from Alpari's Investment department would like to draw your attention to the following assets:

Gilead Sciences (GILD) - This is one of the world's biggest biopharmaceutical research and development companies and is involved in the development and distribution of drugs for the treatment of serious illnesses. A growth in their share price will be facilitated by the release of a new line of products onto the market as well as increased research in the fields on Oncology and Hematology.

Mylan (MYL) - Mylan is a multi-national pharmaceutical corporation involved in the production of generic and specialised drugs for the treatment of the respiratory tract, allergies, and so on. It is expected that the recent takeover of rival company Meda Aktibolag will lead to higher profitability for Mylan, as well as new medicines being added to their production line and accelerated expansion into promising developing markets.

General Motors (GM) - This is the biggest company in the US automotive industry, with established retail networks in 192 countries and manufacturing facilities in 35. The main drivers for share price growth here will be GM's improving financial performance as well as the support to the automotive industry expected from Donald Trump's investment programs.

Ferrari (RACE) - The world-renowned sports car manufacturer is successfully implementing its strategy to increase production as the business's profit margins continue to grow.

Starbucks (SBUX) - This international corporation, involved in the processing, production, and retail of its own brand of coffee, is realising its ambitious plans for further aggressive growth. This, as well as a strong business performance, will stimulate a rise in share prices.

Norfolk Southern (NSC) - This large American rail transporter of raw materials, incomplete products, and retail items operates in 22 US states. The implementation of Donald Trump's program, which includes support for the coal industry and an increase in US oil extraction, will stimulate a growth in freight for Norfolk Southern in these areas, and, consequently in revenue.

Don't miss the chance for profitable investments with the help of our structured products!

Best regards,

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