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Alpari Cashback: amount paid to clients exceeds 3.5 million USD and continues to rise!

09 Jan 201715:47

Dear clients,

At the end of 2016, the amount of compensation paid to clients as part of the Alpari Cashback program has exceeded 3.5 million USD and continues to rise! The loyalty program launched in December 2014 offers traders the chance to create individualised working conditions with the broker, receiving partial refunds for Forex market commission.

Alpari can refund part of the funds you spend to your account when one or several discounts have been activated. You can also exchange bonus points for cash as part of the program. Such conditions have secured the rising popularity of the program amongst Alpari clients from 150 countries of the world from the program’s very beginnings. The number of traders using Alpari Cashback and the advantages it offers is constantly on the rise.

During the time the program has been running, participants have used over 220,000 different discounts. The most popular discount remains the spread compensation, with clients receiving refunds totalling 1.2 million USD for this discount alone. The points exchange for cash option became available later than the main discounts, but traders have already managed to receive over 250,000 USD using the feature! We are continuing to develop the Alpari Cashback program and recently added the option to exchange points for cash to trade binary options. In a very short period this has become one of the most popular aspects of the program, with over 7,000 clients receiving around 80,000 USD from using this option.

The number of discounts is rising, their cost in points is falling and the options themselves are becoming more profitable to use. We have more offers prepared for the future, so don’t miss out by staying updated with the news on our website!

Best regards,

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