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Billiard sports master about her participation in Formula FX

Dear clients,

Vera Chuprova

Meet Vera Chuprova: bronze winner in the 179th round of our Formula FX contest. She managed to achieve a return of 604.31% in a week’s trading. This is far from being the first time that a member of the fairer sex has got into a prize-winning position in our trader contests. Vera shared with us her views on why women are interested in financial markets and how sporting experience is helpful for trading:

- I started trading Forex, already having experience on the stock market, including with derivatives. At one time I taught a course for stock market trading at a university, although in truth I didn’t do so for very long. As such, I already had theoretical knowledge. As for trading, for me Forex is a sport. I am a Candidate for Master of Sport in billiards, having experience as a trainer in this sport: this year my student became a youth champion of Moscow. All sportsmen need two things: technique and a strong psychology. This translates to Forex in which you need theory (a trading system) and psychology (the discipline to follow your trading system). When sportsmen reach a certain level where they are all technically as good as each other, the decisive factor is the extent to which they are psychologically prepared. Taking part in the contest was a chance for me to test my set principles and the way I am set psychologically. Now I’ve managed it, I am pretty happy about it, but there’re still things to work on, and I could do with improving on my results. Let me make this clear: the result for me is how my skill worked out, not the financial result. I always taught my students to think about realizing their skills at each concrete moment, as this allows you to focus on what’s going on at this very moment, without becoming distracted by the desire to win or by the fear of losing. Only this kind of mind set leads to the best result. Is there a place for women in Forex? Well why not? I would draw a comparison with driving: the rules are the same for everyone and so are the roads.

We wish Vera further successes in reaching the targets she sets for herself and, of course, hope she takes part in our contests again!

The next round of Formula FX is ongoing right now. Register for your chance to win!

Best regards,

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