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Latest round of Top Portfolio Manager contest to begin

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that the next round of our Top Portfolio Manager contest is beginning on 3rd October and will last until 31st December, 2016.

The prize fund will be distributed between the top three contestants as follows:

  • First: 1,000 USD;
  • Second: 500 USD;
  • Third: 300 USD.

To take part in the contest you need to create a public PAMM Portfolio to the value of at least 1,000 USD and register the portfolio for the contest.

The prizes will be given to the participants with the best indicators for their portfolio.

You can apply to take part in the contest in the section for making deposits to PAMM Portfolios when creating one, or in the My PAMM Portfolios section if you have already created a portfolio.

You can learn about the rules of the contest via this link.

The winners of the contest will receive not only cash prizes, but also the opportunity to attract investors to their portfolio from throughout the world, earning up to 15% of their profit!

Create a PAMM Portfolio from 1,000 USD and register for your chance to win!

Best regards,

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