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New investment ideas: growth in the share price of Nike (NKE) and the Global Agribusiness Index (MOO)

29 Jul 201613:38

Dear clients,

Find out how to use a unique opportunity to earn from new promising ideas: a growth in the price of grain cultures and in new developments from sporting goods’ manufacturers. Specialists from Alpari’s investment department would like to bring the following assets to your attention:

The Global Agribusiness Index (MOO) includes shares for companies of medium and large capitalisation from the agro-industrial sector of various countries (developed and developing). Growth in the price of grain cultures which is connected to demand outstripping supply (expected 11.8 million tonne imbalance in 2016) will facilitate a rise in the share prices of agro-manufacturers. Demand for grain has been constantly on the rise for the past decade and is rising at an average of 2.3% per year due to the rising global population. Growing demand for grain cultures is expected from the EU, Indonesia and the US. Grain manufacturing is falling due to droughts in Brazil and Turkey and in China due to the reduction in farming subsidies.

Nike (NKE) is a globally recognised, publically traded company which develops, creates and supplies the market with sporting footwear, clothing, accessories and sporting equipment to consumers around the globe. The company’s current partnership with market leaders in technology (i.e. Apple) and its development of new innovative products, along with its aggressive marketing campaign to promote its products will further stimulate demand, thereby aiding growth in the company’s share price. The company’s successful realisation of its long-term growth strategy and continued business growth (6.8% YoY revenue growth for the past six months), coupled with its continued high marginality (return on equity is 30.12%) bodes well for the Nike’s share price.

Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to invest effectively with the help of structured products!

Best regards,

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