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Formula FX round 169 winner’s secrets of success

Dear clients,

Anatoli Kolodich

The winner of the 169th round of our Formula FX contest was Anatoli Kolodich with a 1,238% return for the week. Of course, such success in one’s trading doesn’t go unnoticed and so we managed to get an interview with Anatoli.

Anatoli, is trading your main occupation? Do you do anything else other than trade Forex?

Trading is a hobby for me; it’s entertaining and gives me an adrenaline kick. I took early retirement after time in service. My pension, incomes from rents and other forms of income amount to a modest source of income, but it’s enough for me to support myself and family.

How did you get into trading? What do you think about trading being a main source of a person’s income? Is it possible?

My first experience on the market was 10 years ago. Back then I was young and when I started to win I thought the streak would continue forever and that the world would be at my feet. In the end, the adrenaline shot through the roof. I only considered trading as a sole means of income back then in my younger years. With time I came to understand that nothing lasts forever: what goes up must come down and, when you’re not looking, the world pulls the carpet from underneath you.

Your 1,238% return is impressive. Can you tell us how you made such results?

My 1,238% return was made on a single night between the 5th and 6th June on the USDJPY. Everything just clicked with me realising the start of registration for the contest on Tuesday. On Wednesday from 00:00 I could take part. I was thinking there’s not much time: one person in the rating had 300% already and I thought, “I’ll risk everything on a buy” and I literally bought the lot. At around 06:00 early the same morning I received the result above; I got lucky. The adrenaline hit the top once again. The hardest part of it all was to not get back into trading again: I could see how the other participants were fighting it out for second place. With them getting up to 1,000% they weren’t far, but I held on to the top spot.

Could you describe a day in the life of a trader?

Above I’ve described it: one of the most memorable in my life as a trader, although not a first. I’ve been winning in this contest pretty on a stable basis since 2012.

There is quite a lot of information and advice about trading on the internet. How do you analyse the market?

Market analysis isn’t my thing, most of all it’s about intuition.

Can you tell us your most valued bit of advice about money?

The first thing that comes to mind is the phrase, “the tendency is more likely to continue than change.” This is the principle I implement in my trading and with it I am satisfied with what I get out of it.

How do you rebuild your strength after a week’s trading?

I don’t have to: trading is an adventure, something to relax with and a form of entertainment all at the same time for me.

Would you like to receive 250 USD for a week’s trading? Then get yourself registered for the next round of our Formula FX contest. Perhaps you will be the one with the next impressive result!

Best regards,

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