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Alpari April Trading Turnover Exceeds $91 Billion

26 May 201612:46

Dear Clients,

Alpari’s trading turnover in April rose by 4%, reaching $91.8 billion. The month’s turnover remained at the same level as previous for the most popular currency pair, EURUSD. In comparison with March, the main growth in the turnover’s structure throughout April came from GBPUSD (+22%) and USDJPY (+48%).

Last month was an eventful one here at Alpari. The company’s loyalty program reached 500 days, during which time our clients the world over received payouts in excess of $2.35 million. Last month also saw Alpari and a company favourite, now the hope of a great number of chess fans throughout the globe – the long-awaited challenger for the world title: Sergey Karyakin – extend their strategic partnership until the end of 2016.

Best Regards,

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