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Alpari CEO Andrey Dashin Helps Reopen Newly Renovated Tatarstan Church

16 Nov 201716:39

Dear Clients,

Alpari CEO Andrey Dashin recently took a trip to the Russian village of Tashkirmen to take part in a ceremony marking the reopening of the recently renovated Church of Gurias of Kazan, a project he backed financially. The archbishop of Kazan and Tatarstan was even on hand to donate religious relics once belonging to former archbishops of Kazan, Gurias and Herman. Dashin, whose plans also include building a local shelter for children in need, was awarded with a medal commending his efforts.

"The restoration of this church was made possible by the donations of caring people," commented Father Vitaliy. "The Church is where the faithful go to pray, where they confess to their Father. It is an important, if not the most important, part of many people’s lives."

The renovation took more than half a year to complete and involved restoring the church’s dome, installing heating and building a farm as well as housing for the clergy and the rector’s family. "Since this church was vacated for nearly five years, without heating, it wasn’t possible to hold service," said Father Vitaliy. "Now the church is up and running. This is really important since the nearest Orthodox church is 50 km from the village. Many will make the pilgrimage to bow before the holy relics of Gurias, from whom parishioners once sought healing from their spiritual ailments."

Alpari takes a great deal of pride in giving back to Tatarstan and the community of Kazan, where the company was founded. The Alpari Charitable Fund was started six years ago to provide vital medical supplies and treatment to orphaned children in the area. If you have any money to spare, we encourage you to make a donation.

Best Regards,

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