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Alpari Certified as a "Class A" Broker

01 Feb 201318:11

Dear Clients,

Alpari was recently certified as a "Class A" Forex broker under the auspices of the Center for the Regulation of Financial Instruments (CRFIN), a non-commercial organization created with the aim of introducing effective mechanisms for regulating the Forex market in Russia. The Class A certification, currently only held by four brokers in the country, speaks to Alpari's reliability both in the eyes of the company's clientele as well as the Russian business community at large.

Alpari and other brokers are taking an active role in the development of a set of standards and practices for the Forex industry — a process which found resonance with head of Russia's Federal Service for Financial Markets Dmitry Pankin at this year's Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. CRFIN is the result of the collaboration of leading Russian brokers who hashed out an agreement to create a regulatory body for Forex back in December, 2010, eventually acquiring the status of a self-regulating organization in June, 2011.

Best Regards,

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