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Supported by Alpari, Sergey Karyakin Victorious in Candidates Tournament to Contest for World Chess Crown

06 Apr 201614:44

Dear Clients,

Sergey Karyakin

The young Russian grandmaster came out with an assured victory in the Candidates Tournament in Moscow to contest for the world chess crown; receiving the right to challenge the current world champion, Magnus Carlson. Russia has waited long years for this revenge match and now there is a chance to see the crown returned to Russian soil.

Following Vladimir Kramnik’s 2008 loss of the world champion title to Indian Viswanathan Anand, the Russians have not had any opportunity to challenge for world chess supremacy. Moreover, since the appearance of the 26 year old chess genius Magnus Carlson on the chess throne, Norway and Magnus have held firmly onto the intellectual chess Sovereign’s Orb for three years now. Only India has managed to confidently contest this fact; and unsuccessfully at that.

In 2012 Alpari embraced the ambitious idea of bringing the chess crown back to Russia and in doing so became the sponsor of the most promising Russian, Sergey Karyakin, who was just starting out as a grandmaster. Over the duration of this partnership, which is ongoing for four years now, the young chess player has managed to achieve some impressive results: winning many super titles and first making it to the Candidates Tournament in 2014, where he came in second place.

Taking a phenomenal victory in the World Chess Cup in Baku last year, Sergey Karyakin was selected to take part in the Candidates Tournament in 2016. In January of this year, Alpari aided Sergey to strengthen his coaching staff whilst preparing for this important competition.

We weren’t kept waiting to see the results. Sergey Karyakin made it past seven other contenders and in the final was victorious over one of the world’s strongest chess players: the American, Fabiano Carauna.  By the end of the tournament, the young Russian grandmaster had a total of 8.5 points from 14 (four victories, nine draws and one defeat). The match for the world chess crown between Sergey Karyakin and Magnus Carlson will take place in New York (USA) between the 10th and 30th November, 2016. Sergey’s brilliant start to 2016 shows once again that he is ready and waiting to take full advantage of the chance to be named best in the world.

“Our chess players in their own right are considered as some of the best in the world. Throughout practically all of the 20th century, the chess crown belonged to our compatriots. It is only eight years ago that the world title was granted to a grandmaster from India. We believe in the strengths and talents of Sergey Karyakin. His phenomenal successes are already in the Guinness Book of Records, where he is recorded as the youngest ever chess grandmaster, an accolade bestowed on him at just 12 years old. As such, Sergey’s prized victory, far from being a miracle, is the result of hard work and perseverance over many years which is demonstrated in the results he has achieved. Alpari has always put a big emphasis on the social responsibility of the business. This latest victory from the outstanding Russian grandmaster gives an even bigger impulse to the development of chess as a sport in Russia,” noted Alpari CEO, Boris Shilov.

Best Regards,

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