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Sixth Round of Analyst Contest: Fight to be Top Heats Up!

21 Mar 201618:36

Dear Clients,

The time of change in Alpari's analyst contest is upon us. The era of Nikolai Ludanov dominating the contest has switched into a period of hot competition. Oleg Naumenko, who first made it into our top five authors in the second round of the contest, takes the crown on this occasion. Oleg’s analyses have always been up there with the best, but this time around he managed to outshine the rest of his competitors.

Nikolai Ludanov, however, is managing to keep hold of second place and, in doing so, is demonstrating his intention to be named overall winner in our analyst contest. This means that the new winners have no time to relax and rest on their laurels. Moreover, a completely new contestant could come out of nowhere to take top spot at any time; as has happened last round with Alexander Kotlyarov.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • 1st place, 100 USD – Oleg Naumenko;
  • 2nd place, 90 USD – Nikolai Ludanov;
  • 3rd place, 80 USD – Anna Kozyreva;
  • 4th place, 70 USD – Siavash Yafteh;
  • 5th place, 60 USD – Vladimir Kryuchko.

The seventh round has already begun and several new competitors have already sent in their analyses which could well become winning pieces, as could your entry! Get involved for a chance of glory!

Best Regards,

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