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How to Make a 289% Return in One Week? We Asked a Recent Winner of Our Formula FX Contest

Dear Clients,

Svetlana Sayapina

We were delighted to see that one of the winners of the 159th round of our Formula FX contest was once again a member of the fairer sex. Svetlana Sayapina managed a 289% return. We asked Svetlana a few questions on how she managed to get one over on her opposites.

Svetlana, how did you get into trading Forex? What was the main reason for doing so?

Of course, I started trading to earn money. Having no boss and no work schedule was also a big draw for me.

Do you stick to a particular strategy when you trade?

My strategy is a simple one: find the intraday levels and trade using them.

Do you think that one can really consider trading Forex as the main source of a person’s income?

I certainly do. I think that it is within anyone’s reach, but I would always keep some money stashed away in case you lose your deposit.

The fairer sex is all the more pushing its opposite out of prize-winning places in our contests, what do you think this is related to?

Honestly, I really don’t know. Especially when all of the traders that I know are men.

Congratulations to Svetlana for reaching a prize-winning place and we hope that more women can get involved to dispel the myth that Forex trading is just for men.

The next round of our Formula FX contest is set to begin on 22nd February. If you haven’t yet registered, do so for your chance to win 250 USD!

Best Regards,

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