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Analyst Contest Fourth Round Results: We Have a Favourite

22 Feb 201611:51

Dear Clients,


The time has come to announce the results of the fourth round of the analyst contest. The competition is heating up, with contestants working on the quality of their analyses and giving their all to get ahead of others in this highly competitive contest. Anna Kozyreva has managed this better than anyone, getting back into the top set of competitors and coming in at second place!

In this round of the contest, three participants managed to keep their place in the top five, including Siavash Yafteh from Iran and the out-and-out winner for the third time in a row, Nikolai Ludanov, staking his claim for the ultimate prize.

The full list of winners for the fourth round:

  • 1st place, 100 USD - Nikolai Ludanov;
  • 2nd place, 90 USD - Anna Kozyreva;
  • 3rd place, 80 USD –Vladimir Kryuchko;
  • 4th place, 70 USD – Oleg Naumenko;
  • 5th place, 60 USD – Siavash Yafteh.

The contest continues and there is still time to knock the leader off the top spot or any of the other winners from the top five. If you haven’t yet sent an analysis why not give it a try as you have just as good a chance as any of the previous winners! Test your analytical skills by challenging for the top spot: it’s in your reach!

Best Regards,

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