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PAMM Account Service Undergoes Independent Compliance Check

18 Oct 201716:23

Dear Clients,

In October 2015, one of the biggest independent audit-consulting companies Baker Tilly Russaudit (Baker Tilly Russia), conducted a compliance check of the key indicators for PAMM Accounts which form part of Alpari’s PAMM Account investment service.

Compliance experts from Baker Tilly Russaudit analysed the following:

  • conformity of manager’s documents for accounts which are part of the rating at the moment the check was initialised to verify that they are in line with company regulations;
  • accuracy of key indicators for PAMM Accounts, in addition to verification that the calculation methodology used for PAMM Account returns is in line with the regulations;
  • empirical confirmation of financial documentation concerning investment sums made in corresponding PAMM Accounts.

The independent expert evaluation has uncovered that all PAMM Account Managers included in the rating at the moment the check was performed had provided all of the necessary documents that the company requires. The key indicators for PAMM Accounts in the rating are fully concurrent with the indicators in Alpari's internal information system.

You can see the full results of the procedure on our site.

Alpari, one of the world’s biggest Forex brokers, has made the next step towards increasing the transparency of its services and investment services in particular.

Best Regards,


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