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Maria Shishanova - Top 10 in 144th Round of Formula FX with a 200% Return

Dear Clients,

Maria Shishanova

After deciding to take part in the 144th round of Alpari’s Formula FX contest, Maria Shishanova made it into the top ten traders who took part in the contest, achieving a 200% return! Maria kindly agreed to answer a few questions:

How did you start trading Forex and why did you decide to take part in the contest?

I work in the banking sector. As part of my work, I am constantly following currency fluctuations and so I decided to couple my working skills with trading Forex.

Tell us a little about your trading strategy? In any case, a 200% return is impressive.

At the moment I prefer to trade relying on fundamental news.

Could you comment a little on the growth of popularity of Forex among women? If you believe the ratings, it’s becoming a real trend.

I think that women can mark themselves out as worthy amongst traders. For me personally, it’s a very interesting hobby which brings income. Every girl wants to be independent.

Let’s hope that this is not Maria’s last success and that her future trading will only be more profitable!

Best Regards,

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