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Ushering in a New Era for ECN Technology: Alpari and AMTS Solutions present the pro.ecn.mt4 Account

27 Sep 201717:21

Dear Clients,

Alpari, together with the head of AMTS Solutions, Dimitry Rannev, is delighted to announce the beginning of a new era for ECN technology on the Forex market. This resulting breakthrough has come about by the partnership between the two companies and their aim to take the quality of currency market trading to new heights. The key elements of the joint project are:

  • Cutting-edge ECN technology;
  • A new ECN account (pro.ecn.mt4);
  • Increased number of liquidity providers.

From 8th July, Alpari clients can take advantage of the new opportunities available to them in full by using the live version of the pro.ecn.mt4 account. The innovation will enhance the speed and accuracy of client order fulfillment, whilst also increasing liquidity and the amount of high-frequency requests which can be processed. Thanks to this, Alpari retail clients will be able to take advantage of liquidity providers with speeds and conditions of major Forex market participants such as banks and hedge funds.

Furthermore, this ECN technology provides traders with the opportunity to place orders within the spread, working without high-frequency limits for your trading strategy. Don’t forget, the new pro.ecn.mt4 account is also part of the Alpari Bonus Program, where clients can receive compensation for commissions and negative swaps.

To activate your account in the MetaTrader 4 platform:

  • Click File in the menu and then click Login to Trade Account.
  • Enter the login from your myAlpari and the password and then choose the Alpari-Pro.ECN server from the list of available servers. You can also enter the DNS address: dc1.mt4proecn.alpari.org:443 instead of the server name.

This server will be also available via the following DNS addresses:

  • dc2.mt4proecn.alpari.org:443;
  • dc3.mt4proecn.alpari.org:443;
  • dc1a.mt4proecn.alpari.org:444.

This remodeled ECN technology will allow Alpari to once again assert itself as the market leader amongst Forex brokers in Russia and the CIS, whilst also strengthening AMTS Solution’s reputation as a dominant figure in the development of advanced technical solutions for working on the Forex market.

Best Regards,

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