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Alpari’s Launch of a New ECN Set to be a Groundbreaking Moment for the Forex Market

13 May 201520:26

Dear Clients,

Together with AMTS Solutions, headed by Dmitriy Rannev, Alpari is preparing to launch a large scale project. The company’s trading servers are being transferred onto a revolutionary new ECN which encompasses the height of latest technologies and solutions in the field of online trading.

The ECN’s new framework differs in its enhanced stability, including when processing large volumes of high speed requests. Thanks to a new algorithm, clients’ orders will be executed quicker, while an expanded set of providers will significantly enhance liquidity. Moreover, when trading on a new ECN Account, order execution and precision will be significantly increased.

“The New ECN Account is not just an ‘incremental improvement’ but will be a real groundbreaker for the market. In this instance there are a number of new innovations in the framework, the algorithms and technology which will lead to fundamental changes in the quality of trading. Our retail clients will, in reality, be able to trade according to the same conditions as professional traders in the world’s biggest banks and global market makers,” remarked Alpari’s Director General, Boris Shilov.

Over 120,000 active Alpari clients will be able to place orders within the spread and users of trading robots will be able to implement complex and high-speed strategies without any limit.

“Alpari is the biggest forex broker in Russia and the CIS and is ranked amongst the world’s top brokers in other parts of the globe. The company always strives to keep in step with the times and to use the most advanced techniques and technologies in its work. The next step in Alpari’s development has become the transition to high-tech trading. The company chose the technologies from AMTS Solutions, which were developed by former Alpari employees and which have demonstrated a high level of reliability and efficiency for a number of years now. I am convinced that we are now witnessing a true technological revolution. Future Alpari clients will be amazed by the speed and quality of their orders’ executions, whilst current clients will find it difficult to recognize the company,” commented the Director General of AMTS Solutions, Dmitriy Rannev.

Best Regards,

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