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Shanghai Stock Market Opened Up on Thursday

The Shanghai Composite index is up by more than 5.9% after losing 23% over the last 5 trading days. Asian currencies, which have shed real value over the last few days, are also winning back lost gains.

The strengthening of Asian indices began after yesterday’s comments from the New York Fed’s William Dudley about how the US Federal Reserve is unlikely to put up its base rate in September. This is one of investors’ favorite things to use to make quotes fluctuate and this is now visible on the stock markets. Trading participants have already calculated that sales in America have already taken $2 trillion off the market.

As far as we can see for the moment, when the market has received a positive impulse, investors will begin to reassess their previous reaction to the current stats and prospective ones. Investor emotions seemed over the top and that is marked by the trading volume. The time for stabilization has come.

At the same time, it’s hardly worth expecting a continued rise throughout world markets. September is on the horizon and it is a difficult month for indices and stocks. The Federal Reserve will have its next meeting on 16-17 September and the result of which will define the medium term trend for the capital markets.

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